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5 Reasons Why Rajasthan Should Be Your First Stop When You Plan A Trip To India

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In case you are planning a vacation to go on a trip to the land of diverse culture and heritage and while looking for the best tour packages, you don’t know exactly where to begin, well you have stumbled upon the right page. India is a huge country with around 28 States and 8 Union Territories, each having its own unique identity and culture. And we understand how difficult it can be for someone to plan the whole itinerary when there are so many places to visit. And in such a scenario we have an absolute problem solver here for you, Rajasthan.

In terms of area, Rajasthan is the largest state in India located in the northern part of the country. The meaning of word Rajasthan means ‘the place of the kings’, and Rajasthan is primarily known for the presence and valor of some great kings belonging to that state. Not just this, there are many other reasons why Rajasthan is the first choice of visit when one plans a trip to India, which you shall read below

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Did you know that Jaipur which happens to be the capital city of Rajasthan is also called ‘The Pink City’? Well, not just this, Jodhpur which is another prominent city of Rajasthan is called ‘The Blue City’ and while these cities have colors, there are cities like Udaipur and Pushkar which are called ‘The White City’, Jaisalmer is called ‘The Golden City’ and Bikaner is called ‘The Red City’. The color tags given to these cities are not just random, in fact on your visit you shall find out that the major area of these cities are painted in those colors, so much so that, when you visit, you might end up calling Jodhpur a blue city or so.

The Land of Forts & Palaces

The beautiful palaces and imposing forts of the vibrant state of Rajasthan reveal its rich culture and heritage. Some of the finest examples of Rajputana architecture are these forts and palaces. A visit to these forts and palaces offers a chance to flip the pages of history and gain insight into the way of life of the Kings and Queens of that era. The carvings and architecture in these palaces and forts were so astounding that they were adorned with stained-glass windows, opulent interiors, and spectacular views. Out of so many forts and palaces of Rajasthan, 6 have UNESCO World Heritage Site Designation. And once you decide to visit them, you shall understand why.


A sand-filled state wouldn’t be expected to have a lot of wildlife, but Rajasthan is home to a surprisingly large number of safaris and reserves. Bharatpur National Park, Sariska National Park, Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary, Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, and Desert National Sanctuary are a few examples of national parks. UNESCO World Heritage Site Keoladeo National park is one of the best places in the world for bird-watching. You can go on safaris or an elephant ride to witness wildlife in its native habitat, allowing you to really experience the fauna of these parks and sanctuaries.


Rajasthani Food is the tastiest and most extravagant dish to come from the country of sparkling sand and historically and culturally significant heritage. Rajasthani cuisine offers it all, from the spiciest meals on one end of the spectrum to the sweetest desserts on the other. The food is full of spices and has a robust flavor and smooth texture. The Rajasthani Thali known as “The Chappan Bhog” is a remnant of ancient royal feasts. It is unimaginable to eat a thali with 56 different foods in one sitting. One of the most iconic Rajasthani dishes is ‘Daal Baati Churma’, do not forget to try that on your visit to Rajasthan.

Bazaars of Rajasthan

Although Rajasthan’s ancient, opulent forts and palaces are what draw most tourists, your eyes will also be drawn to the traditional bazaars, which are vibrant street markets where you can buy handicrafts, jewelry, pages, leather goods, miniature artwork, and mojaris (traditional Rajasthani footwear), among other things. Shopping in Rajasthan, especially in its many traditional markets, is perhaps one of the best things to do. These markets not only provide you with a wide selection of goods to purchase, but they also offer you a chance to learn more about the rich traditions and culture of this well-known Indian tourist destination

Rajasthan has so much to offer that it would be difficult to discuss every facet and all of its essence in a single piece. We shall try getting more for you, meanwhile, speak to your Tours and Travels Agency and plan your visit to India soon, starting with Rajasthan.