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Banaras also known as Varanasi is a city located on the banks of the Ganges. Having around 3,000 temples across the city, Varanasi is also called ‘The City of Temples’. Every traveler who visits this city is left with an ecstatic sense in their heart and mind. Since Varanasi is an ancient city with spiritual significance, there are many stunning and well-known holy spots to visit that offer an insight into the city’s rich history from both a religious and cultural perspective.

Varanasi’s many religious sites will astonish you with their spirituality, history, and architecture. This location is a must-see for history enthusiasts or those who are interested in Indian mythology.

Here is a list of a few places you can explore and things you can do in Varanasi.

Ganges River

The River Ganges travels 2,700 km through northern India and Bangladesh before emptying into the Bay of Bengal. Hindus hold it in high regard; in ancient texts and artwork, the river is personified as the goddess Ganga. Varanasi’s River Ganga has grown increasingly significant as a sacred river. Since the Ganga originates from Shiva’s head, its waters have the potent ability to purge all impurities, including previous mistakes. While some take a dip in the holy river, many people visit here to immerse the ashes of their loved ones who passed away recently. One of the most beautiful parts of the Ganges River of Varanasi is that it is situated across the Ghats of the city. There are approximately a hundred Ghats in the city, and each one leads to the Ganges River. For Hindus from around the world, these are cremation places, prayer Ghats, and bathing Ghats. One of the best spots to explore is Dashashwamedh Ghat, which is connected to two Hindu mythology. The Assi Ghat, Mata Anandamai Ghat, Manikarnika Ghat, Munshi Ghat, Raj Ghat, Scindia Ghat, etc. are a few of the other significant Ghats. Tulsi Ghat is highly regarded by everyone and is thought to help people get rid of leprosy. One beautiful way to explore all these Ghats is by going on a boat ride. Consider taking an early-morning boat ride to experience one of the most tranquil sunrise moments of your life as the sun shines brightly in the sky and casts enchanted reflections in the lake. The sound of the beautiful waters of the Ganges River created by the reflection of the increasing Sun, the serene narratives of this sacred city, the musical chirping of birds, the morning prayers, and the chants of sadhus (sages) atop ghats are all best heard in the morning. Also, do not forget to attend the magnificent evening Arti Ceremony at the Ganges River. You will surely remember the Varanasi evening aarti ceremony at the Ganges River for a very long time. Watch the stunning rituals play out in front of your eyes as they enchant you. At the time of the spiritual greeting, big brass lamps are lit. Chants, floral scents, and incense all combine to produce a divine blessing


Sarnath is located 10-12 kilometers from Varanasi, India’s holiest city. Since Lord Buddha delivered his first sermon, or Dhamma, here in the deer park of Sarnath after attaining enlightenment at Bodhgaya, teaching about the four noble truths, this location is highly regarded. The establishment of the Buddhist sangha through Kondanna’s enlightenment took place in Sarnath. Sarnath has a lot of tourist sites that you should check out. Ashoka constructed the Chaukhandi stupa at Sarnath as his primary religious monument after converting to Buddhism. Dhammek Stupa, Mulagandha Kuti Vihar, and other sites are well worth visiting. According to historians from another nation, this stupa implicitly alludes to UFOs and aliens. In Sarnath, the lion, India’s national emblem, was also on display.

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Chittorgarh Fort, India. The largest fort in India looks like a city lost in time. digital art style


The importance of temples as places of worship puts them high on the list of things to do in Varanasi. The temples of Varanasi provide an immediate interaction with gods in the holy country of the deities. There is a temple in every nook and cranny of the old city. Many temples are constructed to honor their beliefs, and some have connections to Hindu mythological legends. It’s important to note the temples’ architecture. Your time will be well spent in the soul-cleansing spiritual environment. Since the most popular temple here is the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, there are many other significant temples in Varanasi which include The Sankat Mochan Mandir, The Kanaka Durga Mandir, The Sankata Devi Mandir, The Bharat Mata Mandir, The Annapurna Devi Mandir, The Lalita Gauri Temple and so on. Other than the above-mentioned places, there are many other places to explore and things to do in Varanasi right from shopping on the streets (Banarasi sarees and Dupattas are worth your expense) to exploring amazing authentic Banarasi food (don’t forget the Baati Chokha), to even enjoying the Banarasi Paan and many more. With Marvelous Journey’s ‘Varanasi Tour Packages’ and this article, we are sure you shall have an amazing visit to Varanasi and you will thank us later!