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Top 30 Heritage Tourist Attractions to Visit in India

Amer Fort at night in twilight. Jaipur, Rajastan

“Learn about India’s rich culture by exploring its top 30 heritage destinations situated in various cities of the country. These attractions will take you back in time to the world of ancients and make you aware about the richness of culture, wealth, tradition and skill that existed several years ago.”

With a history dating back to nearly 5000 years or even more, the present-day India introduces itself as a tourist destination, perfect for learning about various civilizations. Further, several spiritual leaders and founders of many popular religions of the contemporary times dwelled in the country’s various regions. India’s authentic wealthy trove of culture, crafts, mysticism, art, philosophy, tradition, music and architecture has been luring travellers, scholars and history buffs across the globe from long past.

Relish the experience of exploring the country’s ancient relics and architectural ruins rising over teeming cities, streets and roads. This is a land of a huge contrast where tradition and modernity mingle to offer mind-boggling memories that will remain in the mind for a very long time.